Best sailing destinations in Croatia are connected with routes which can be created based on your wishes, but destinations that can be visited mostly depend on the place of departure and number of days your trip lasts. Usually most places from same region can be visited day after day – every day one or two if they are close enough. In case of one-way or longer duration trip it is also possible to visit places from neighboring regions.


Regardless of the route you’ve chosen, in case you change your mind along the way, anytime, in consultation with your skipper and according to the possibilities, you can change it and adjust it to your new wishes. Check our top sailing destination in Croatia and create your route. For any advice or consulting feel free to contact us.
Croatia has 4 national parks and 3 nature parks located on the sea or very close to sea. If you are a nature lover you can include visits to those places in your trip. National parks: Kornati (Zadar/Sibenik region), Krka (Sibenik region), Mljet (Dubrovnik region) and Brijuni (Pula region).
Nature parks: Telascica (Zadar region), Vransko jezero (Zadar region) and Lastovo (Split/Dubrovnik region).

Dubrovnik Sailing
Dubrovnik sailing region
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Split sailing region
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Šibenik sailing region
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Zadar sailing region
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Rijeka sailing region
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Pula sailing region


Sailing in Croatia and weather conditions

Sea temperature is suitable for swimming from late spring to early autumn, but with appropriate clothing sailing is possible all year round. During the Summer weather in Adriatic is mostly stable, it is warm, nice and sunny. Most of the time there is a light to moderate NW breeze and although some days are pretty hot it is very pleasant to spend them on the sea.

There are a few stormy days during the summer but you’ll experience them only if you are really unlucky. Storms usually last day or two and usually they are light to moderate storms with just some heavy rain and winds up to 30 or 40 KNTS. All our skippers are experienced and if you experience the storm you don’t have to worry.

During the Spring and Autumn temperatures are bit lower then in the Summer but weather is still nice, especially for sailing. There is some moderate wind almost every day and there is less possibility to experience the storm. Although, there is a bit higher possibility of some rainy days.

Usually it is expected that Winter has to do something with cold, snow and skiing. In Dalmatia there are many beautiful and sunny days during the winter. We sailed a few regattas this Winter with just sweatshirt and vest coat on. Sometimes there is some strong wind when it is not advisable to go sailing, but that’s only a few days each year. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it even snows (every few years) but it is not something that can stop us from sailing in appropriate sailing gear.

If you have any questions about the weather, especially if you’re considering last minute booking, contact us and we’ll be happy to inform you about current weather and long-term forecast.