Here are some typical questions you might be interested in before booking your sailing holidays. When we start the booking procedure we will be more then happy to discuss any detail to make your stay sailing trip perfect and with only pleasant surprises.

Do you do cabin charter?

We don’t do cabin charter. Smallest boats we offer has a capacity of four + skipper, but there is no problem if you want to book it for less – it will be more comfortable.


How do we pay for the trip?

After you confirm the booking we will send you the booking offer with all the payment details. To confirm the booking you have to pay advance on to our bank account. We don’t accept credit cards.


What is to be paid?

For all trips you need to pay sailboat rental fee, cleaning fee, tourist tax and fuel. Other costs might be crew wages if you take skipper, hostess, cook.., or any other optional extra you might chose.


How do we pay for the fuel?

You will receive the boat with fuel tank full. On return you are obligated to fill the tank to the top on the nearest gas station. Our skippers will advise you where and when to buy fuel.


What if we have children?

Please let us know if you have small children so we can take their needs under consideration while planning the route. Please provide us children age so we can ensure the appropriate sizes of life jackets for them. We can offer you a babysitter if you want someone to help you put with the kids and make your stay more enjoyable.


Are pets allowed on board?

If you want to take pets with you let us know so we can offer you only boats which you are allowed to bring pets on. Additional cleaning fee may apply if pets are on board.


Can we have just a few days trip?

Few days trip can be arranged except in high-season when boats are to be booked from Saturday till Saturday. Contact us for additional information.


Why do I have to leave the deposit for the boat?

Security deposit covers potential damages made to the boat and will be refunded in full amount after boat is returned with no damages. Damages made by our skippers fault won’t be charged from your deposit. Sometimes it is possible to make deposit insurance – you pay fixed amount (aprox. 150-20€) and you don’t have to leave the security deposit.


Is there some discount for more than one week trips?

Various discounts may apply – usually 5-10%.


What are skippers duties?

Skipper is the one responsible for navigating the boat, advising you on routes and destinations, warning you on potential dangers etc. Sometimes he/she will need assistance from the crew for doing some maneuvers – please provide help when asked to.

Skippers duties don’t include cleaning, dish washing, cooking, grocery shopping for you. If you are nice to our skippers most likely they’ll be happy to help you any way they can, but it’s their good will.


How can we prepare food?

Each boat is equipped with stove, refrigerator, sink and usually small oven. You can use that for cooking on board or you can go to restaurants. Our skippers can advise you which restaurant to chose. Whatever you chose all food costs are to be covered by crew – including the food for skipper. If you go to restaurant you can take skipper with you or you can leave him/her extra money to go to eat somewhere else. In most marinas there are supermarkets nearby for you to buy provisions for the boat.


How can we reach departure point?

We will be glad to advise you how to reach base of your departure. Let us know which transportation mean you plan to use and where are you coming from. If you arrive by plane we will be more than happy to organize transfer from and back to airport for you.


What do we need to bring on the boat?

Except your personal belongings there are some things you need to bring with you or buy before the departure: dishwasher and sponge, if you plan to cook: spices, oil, vinegar etc., toilet paper, soap……

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