Regatta sailing in CroatiaCompared to individual sailing, regatta sailing in Croatia will show you a totally different aspect of sailing. When you compete with somebody, even on amateur basis, your carried by the desire to win and suddenly everything matters – meters, seconds, angels all became relevant. If you never sailed a regatta before or you have no competent crew to sail with we give you opportunity to sail a regatta and we will provide the rest of the necessary crew when needed. You are expected to have basic sailing skills and that you are able to one part of the job on the boat without greater assistance. If you are not sure about your sailing skills check our progressive sailing program and think about attending it.

If you just need to train and prepare for the regatta we can provide you trainer just for pre-regatta period or to go in regatta with you as well.

This programs depend on the time period of the regattas and are not available anytime. For more information please contact us.